Why Russian Women Don’t Smile?

smiledatingRussians don’t smile. This statement is only half-true. The thing is that Russian people have special views on the appropriateness of a smile in this or that situation. The motto of American lifestyle is “Keep Smiling!” Russian people would usually ask “What to smile at?” Russians consider Western smiles hypocritical, while Western people consider Russians sad, dull and gloomy people, even with evil nature.

For sure this is not true on both sides. It is just the difference in culture, mentality and it historical peculiarities of every nation. Some nations smile and some not. This is not good or not bad, it is the way it is. Foreign people visiting Russia notice that only few Russian people smile.
In Western culture smile is the way to greet strangers and being polite in your communication, as well as ensuring a feeling of security with strange people and in unfamiliar places. In Russia smile can have an opposite effect. If Russians see a smile on any reason they put themselves on a guard. Together with this, Russian people consider constantly smiling people not very healthy and presuppose they might have mental problems.


Famous Russian brides  for the serious expression of their faces. They are still considered the most unsmiling brides. Russian women don’t smile at strangers and they don’t answer smile to smile with the same automatism Western people do.

You will be surprised, but the paradox of Russians unsmiling nature lies in the openness… Russians have the habit of not hiding the feelings, moods and emotions. So, if their mood is bad, they just don’t hide it. Together with this they smile a lot with their close people and relatives.

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Russians accept only sincere smiles as the manifestations of good feelings and good relations, not admitting business or commercial smiles so well-spread in the Western world.

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