What To Discuss On The Date?

There is no other way of getting your dates better then by having conversations with them. However, it is not a simple task to choose the right topics to discuss on the first date. A great help will play the answer to the question: what do you really want to know about the person you go on a date with? In case you are interested in what you hear as the answers, you can plan a second date.

An unspoken general rule on the first date is not touching upon the past. Instead of this, you better focus on learning more about each other and not about past experiences and relationships.

Never start your communication trying to learn everything about your date’s darkest secrets, but better start of with common topics that will keep you on a safe side. For instance, you can ask your date about background, work, goals, carrier, friends, etc. This will show that you are interested in person, what s(he) is up to and think of future. Asking about friends you show your interest to the date’s other aspects of life, besides is a great way to learn more about the person by learning what sort people s(he) is interested to spend time with.

Another good topic to discuss is travelling. Ask your date what countries s(he) has been to and what places s(he) dreams to visit one day. This will bring you two even closer and in future you both can make plans on visiting places of your date’s interest together.

Asking about the way your date enjoys spending his/her leisure time will tell you more about the person. Learning your date’s hobbies and interests and things s(he) would like to try will help you to have a better image of your dates character and nature and decide if you want a second date with him/her.

After the surface questions are asked, make sure you proceed to more specific questions, but keep in mind this is all about getting to know your date.

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