What are the best pick up lines for Tinder that always work
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What are the best pick up lines for Tinder that always work

New to Tinder? Even if not, these great pickuping tips are going to help you. Since it has been launched, the new and new strategies were needed to pick up someone.

Experts think, in 2021 most of the today pickup lines will sound too trivial and old-fashioned already. Girls report to be annoyed by getting just the same phrases from every guy.

Compliments should be fresh

Saying someone’s hot and sexy, doesn’t always work. Most of users want to hear something personal, like “Your hair colour matches your sexy face”. Do not send this to bald people though!

The moderate impatience

Nearly everyone on Tinder shows readiness to meet right away or this coming evening. Yet, this shouldn’t sound like stalking. Best pickup lines on hooksexup. “I’d hookup with you anytime, anywhere” is just perfect.

Adding some spice

We all know singles on Tinder seek hookups, but being too naughty isn’t sexy anymore. People want smth intriguing and kinky, like “Would you tie me up to your bed please?”

Not mentioning others

Yes, Tinder is overloaded with options and alternatives. It’s impossible to feel unique there. And that’s why people want to feel so. “I saw you and instantly thought, this is what I wanted!”

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