My review of – the best place to find your Russian wife.

personals-russiaI would like to share my experience of finding life partner in Internet.

But let me first give a little background. My name is Stefan, or Stepan, as my Russian parents call me, I’m 30. I was born in Kazakhstan to a German-Russian father and Russian mother. When I was 6 my parents chose to return to my father’s ancestral homeland. So I was born and lived a small part of my life in USSR and grown up into a man I am today in Germany. My parents gave me more of a classic Soviet upbringing but of course the environment I grew up in had affected me as well. I specifically emphasize this as it was the main reason I started looking at Internet as an opportunity to find soul mate. The women in Germany are just different; we obviously don’t suit each other. I tried lots of approaches – hooking up through mutual friends, blind dates, by recommendations of local acquaintances, etc. It didn’t work. So I came to a conclusion that I better look at women living in Russia or Ukraine as they probably fit more with what I was looking at in woman. I tried using regular social media but almost fell victim of a scam.

One day I was browsing, speaking to my Russian friends, and all of a sudden my long-time pal Andrey has joked that his bachelor life was going to cut short too soon. He was getting married. It was a complete shock to me as I knew him as a party monster living his life to the fullest. I couldn’t help myself and asked him how that was even possible. He was a bit confused at first, but then told me about his lucky break. He was fooling around some dating services for a while. Then he found this new free dating site, I must say that from what I know, there are probably thousands of similar online services and 99% of them are merely cash grab machines. But not this one.


Despite this feel-good story, I still was skeptical about the possibility of finding wife through Internet. Never really hoping for anything or intending to find something serious, I still decided to try my luck. The service is free to use and its only disadvantage in my opinion is that you have to sign in first as the search function only works for registered users. The website interface is really simple and user-friendly so it was a piece of cake for me to get registered. I even uploaded my real photo. Then came the search time. The search function is real simple yet informative and full. It offers all criteria you need to get started. I never expected that women would be so aplenty and all of them would be real. The profile of each girl is very detailed, basically offering you every little nuance you can look for. is a fully legal service obviously as it’s not even possible to search girls younger than 18. Importantly, the website covers not only Russia, but also Ukraine and Moldova. And from what I understood based on the support’s response to my courtesy letter, they plan to expand and include women from other CIS countries.


I communicated with a number of lovely ladies, and then hooked up with a girl from Ukraine, Tatiana. Word by word we became absorbed by each other. What amazed me was how serious and family-oriented Tatiana was for a dating site. It quickly got all serious, we even visited each other couple of times, and by the time of this review, the marriage was agreed.

I never believed in fairy tales. I have no known acquaintances that got married via the web. But my story is a living proof that it is possible if you find the right avenue for your opportunities. Our young family is really grateful to the people who run Keep up your excellent work and we wish you all the success!

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