How To Determine You Are Moving Fast Or Slow In A Relationship?

A crucial factor of any relationship is its pace and keeping up with it. If someone of the partners or both of them move too fast or too slow this can cause problems and misunderstandings in future. The pace of the relationship can tell much about your partner.

In case of the too slow development of the relationship it is doomed to become boring even before the phase of routine life. If the couple moves too fast they may not even notice that their relationship is about to collapse.

Physical Aspect of the Relationship
If you are in a rush with the physical contact, your partner may not be ready for this, alienate from you and see you in negative light. If sex takes place too early, it stops the development of the emotional intimacy connected to the sexual act or its loss. If you wait a little bit this will provide you a more emotional sex in future; this will be a non-ordinary experience. In case you move too slowly, you risk growing emotionally apart, even if you plan to have sex after marriage only, hugging, kissing and holding each other is very important.

Time Spent Together
It is not suggested to spend every moment together, thus you risk boring each other to death and even becoming annoying and you most likely will lose contact with your friends, family and other ‘supportive’ people. In case you scarcely see each other, the fact that you two are dating is questioned.

How To Tell If A Date Is Going Well –

Making a Decision
Never forget about your partner’s opinion when you are making decision, however, at the same time, they shouldn’t be your only concern no matter how big or small occasion is. In case you cannot decide what color of socks you need without your partner’s advice, you need to think of you independence. However, if two of you are indecisive other is always only one of you, who makes the decisions for two, it is a sign that the speed of the development of your relationship is zero.

Plans for Future
In case you two are dating for a long time, there is a moment to think of the life-time commitment and marriage, however, rushing too fast with the proposal after several dates can scary your partner away.

Always keep in mind that everything is good in moderation!

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