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love in KazanHello everyone, my name is Nick, and I am a happy husband of beautiful woman of Kazan. Actually, I registered on site a year ago. I wanted to find my love, because I was sick and tired of constant failures in love. I met Zarina on a site after a month of the registration. We were communicating for couple of weeks, and then decided to meet. And I faced the very important question – The first meeting – where to go? Fortunately I found some tips on the website, where I read an article about that situation, The text was the following:

You have met on the Internet and have agreed to the first meeting. Now you face task to choose a suitable location for a meeting, taking into account both the interests of the interlocutor, and your own. What to do?

The classic version: the first meeting in a café.

When choosing a cafe, it is desirable to be creative. Perhaps you both love soft and unobtrusive jazz, under which it is nice to talk about life? Or do you want to enjoy the view of the city at night, sitting at a table on the roof of a skyscraper? Cafes exist on the ships and in the castles, at bookstores and at the peak of the mountain. Surprise your beloved woman, selecting a location, interesting to both of you. Then a meeting with you will be a memorable one!

For the timid: the first meeting in the movie.

In the movie, communication is limited. Such a date is good for a person who prefers to do a minimum of words, because your favorite actors will entertain your partner.

Summer is the perfect time for an open-air film shows. Warm summer evening, news of European festivals and a fascinating story will be a great topic for discussion. You can go to a new movie and drink a mug of ale. To sit on the grass is better to take a blanket in which to wrap yourself comfortable, if it becomes cold.  But those who do not want to miss the film even in the case of rain, it is important to grab cape. Then you will not be afraid of any bad weather!

beautiful woman of Kazan

For active: sports is your friend.

The couples who are fond of sports, can go on the rollers or on a catamaran, play volleyball or even archery. If you are doing the same kind of sport, you can even compete. Well, if not, why not to choose something than both of you would like to do. In sports manifests a person’s character, his strength of will and perseverance, his desire to win and the ability to survive the defeat. Prove that together – you are a strong team!

For lovers of culture: the first meeting at the museum.

Once a year in many cities the festival “Night of Museums” is held with a cultural program throughout different cities. This can be a great idea for a date. The unusual atmosphere of the night of museums make a lasting impression, and devils of the peoples of the world exhibition can be deterred or laugh together. If your city is not in the list, and you do not want to wait till next year, why not to go to the opera, or to the museum? The most important thing – it is your imagination!

The first meeting is an important step in the development of relations. Therefore, it should be taken seriously, but be yourself. It is important that for you to be appreciated by your partner, that’s why try to be yourself. As they say in the famous expression: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!”

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