Bad Relationship: Signs


No matter what relationship you dream about, any relationship requires work on it on both sides. Many people ask themselves, how much they need to work on the relationship, and what is required to make it work. However, there is a huge difference between working on your relationship and simply wasting your precious time. So, if you notice the following signs, you need to take time a re-evaluate your relationship.

No Trust. Everyone is making mistakes; however, if you lie to cover the mistake, this won’t be beneficial for your relationship, as you will lose your partners’ trust once the truth is revealed. If you two came to the point when you accuse each other of hiding something, then try to find the cause of why you don’t trust your partner.

No Respect. Disrespect is not treating a person as the one that is important for you and that you care about. Good communication when the two can share ideas and simply communicate is lost. You can feel sarcasm and disdain. Do you really want to be with such a partner?

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 No Space. In a harmonious relationship the two have time they spent together and the time they need for privacy. Being together 24/7 can become boring, the time you spend apart provides you the topics for the common discussions. If one of the partners is giving you no space for this or that reason this can bring to the distrust in the relationship.

 Fear of Change. In a good relationship the love of the partners doesn’t change with changing of jobs, friends, hobbies or depressions, etc. The true care allows another person to grow. If the feelings depend on your partner’s present position, looking, etc. this relationship is doomed since everything is changeable in this life.

 Emotional or Physical Abuse. This point is the clearest one and doesn’t require comments.

There Are No These Signs, But You Still Feel Not Right

Very often the couples, who truly love each other, think they have the lack of spark. However, the relationship has different phases and this change can depend on outside factors. If two are ready to work on the relationship, it will last, if not, then there is no sense on wasting your time.

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